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Man some how I think Garden State is at fault for this dream [Mar. 29th, 2005|02:21 pm]
I dream of....
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My dreams as of late have been very very realistic, and deep. It's rather odd how much my dreaming has changed in the last few weeks, but I don't mind. I like it.

Last night my dream pretty much starts with Mr. Skelly picking me up at his house. We are on our way to California, for why I do not know. When I get in the car the first thing I say to him is "I can teleport us there." He follows up with a "Greg!?!?" I decided to drop the conversation but in my head I was thinking about how a few people had actually seen me do it before, though it was only a short distance. The reason I felt confident in being able to make us teleport far distances was that I had a piece of quartz with me, but it was different then any I have owned in reality. It was a smokey quartz, but it was just different, I don't know why.

Anyway, We stop by Mrs. Skelly's ice cream shop, and she decided to make us boiled eggs before we leave. While at her store, some how Matt and Steve catch wind of Mr. Skelly and I leaving, and they want to come also, but when they pull up in a van and we are all ready to go, Mr. Skelly feels he is no longer needed on the voyage, and stays with Mrs. Skelly at the ice cream shop.

Some how we never start making west, but instead north, to go see Becky. We stop at some weird little shack about half way... wait, first we are all driving on an interstate and Matt and Steve are smoking out, but I am on a motor cycle, they pass me the joint, and I think I hit it once, then went to pass it to the left to a lady, but as soon as I did, she turned and said "your under arrest, I am a cop." She goes through steves stuff and finds his weed, and steve is like "Man Greg this shit sucks!" but he made it sound like it was the quality of the weeds fault that he was getting busted, not that he didn't hide it in a good place. anyway, in my mind i realized I was dreaming cuz I said "Lady there is no way I was smoking that because I got a drug test coming up in a few weeks." so I guess I erased the whole getting arrested, and the story moved on to the little shack on the left side of the road. we go in and it's my boss who owns the shack. we sit around for a while until i see that everyone is about to be getting high and shit so I decide I want to leave.

It cuts scenes and I am in some apartment, and I am getting pissed cuz matt and Steve are procrastinating, well I guess not really, it's just that I wanted to leave by 12 to go see Becky and Matt is in the middle of doing some homework. He starts making a certain voice that he always makes when he is fucking with people, and starts saying "ok, come on, Gosh! Let's go, come on." to me. I tell him never mind and I decided I would start walking. I ended up at some cliffs, and I am climbing up them and some other guy is with me, but I can't say he is even human. he seems to be a shadow of me, but he is physical. rather weird. anyway, I didn't make it to see Becky, cuz I woke up in reality, but man that was a weird dream.

I seriously have not had dreams like this in a long time. the other night I saw a wall of coffins, and was taken hostage by a cute girl who robbing a store... I mean so many dreams lately. It crazy. anyway, love love

[User Picture]From: skellybelly
2005-03-29 10:33 pm (UTC)
Last night I had a dream that it was my birthday, and for some reason, every single gift I got was a bag of weed, including my gift from you.


What does it mean, Greg?!
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From: angeluserrare00
2005-03-30 08:38 pm (UTC)
it means you want to get high "towely".

"You're the worse character ever, Towely."
"I know."
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