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big time dreamer [Jun. 3rd, 2004|10:05 pm]
I dream of....


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hey..its megan. if you can remeber im the girl who had a dream about holding this guys hand. and feeling very strong emotions. i updated here on..march 21 st. lol

well i had another emotional dream i guess you could call it. well it was me and the same two kids. and corey was downstairs. and me and the kid nick were upstairs on the computer. and we go. is corey gone? so we go to my window. and i kneel down and put my arms on the window sill. and nick was like standing with his hands on the sill. and i go i dont think i see him. so i go to stand up. and he put his arms around me. and we fell back and i sat in his lap. and he had both arms around. and i had one arm in front and i put the other one behind me and ran my fingers through his hair. and i fel that emotional charge again. and it..iono scared me.

see i realized i liked him. and kept it hidden because hes way out of my league. so we became friends. and so..i stopped thining that way about him. and then i had teh dream. and its hard for me. because im thinking maybe its a sign. that i shoud go after him. see im 15 and hes 18 and hes graduating tommrow. so i havent seen him very much. so i think im gonna tell him to call me and well chill. iono.

but what does it mean?????? please. i really need help. i dont know what to do.

thanks if you comment.