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I dream of....

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[May. 1st, 2004|01:25 am]
I dream of....
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okay... two dreams, and both very realistic.

the first is from wedensday night... I was in Fl I had moved there. I don't think I wanted to, but I had to. I was in the empty Apt and i had little to no money. I was thinking "Well i can atleast afford some ramem", but then I realized I had no pots to cool it with, and no dishes to eat it on. And i started thinking about all the things i too for granted that I had while I lived at my mother's house. My sister came down to visit me, and said I could ride back up with her, and she would bring me back since I only live 4-6 hours away from her. But then Becky came down and visited me also, and then the dream switched. I am on this lake, and there are a few bridges connected to one another going around the lake and over the lake. And We (Becky, Damn... I can't remember anyone else, and I) were doing some type of play or something. Then the samuri show up, and catch one of the people on my team, and he gets beheaded. and as i am closing a gate there is this one person that keeps asking me over and over again "that wasn't part of the show was it? he really died didn't he? But I don't answer her. Afterwards I am at this house, adn all I really remember is that it is dark, and at oen point Jay decides to walk off into the night. I can't remember who was there, or why, but I know that there is something about magic, or atleast something mystical going on. and that is all I can remember, yea I know pointless.

the second was the one from last night. I am talking with this guy I use to break with, named Kris. WQe are at school, and he come's up to me and is real disturbed. I ask him what's up and he tells me.... some child that is related to him pulled out a razor on a fellow student, but this child is only like four, maybe five. And it's not any little razor, it's one of those foldable ones that people can shave with. And Kris is really sad and upset, and there is this teacher that keeps coming out of this class room, and trys to talk to Kris, telling him to "call down" but it is just making Kris more angry and he starts yelling at the teacher. but eventually Kris and I are in the front forier/ main hall, and the kid comes up.... Kris has disappeared, and i walk up to the kid and take his skateboard in order to piss him off (this is part of my plan). The kid hesitates at first, cuz he doesn't understand why I am bullying him, but he eventually gets mad, and pulls out the razor on me. I get real disappointed, and very saddened. I start crying, and get on my knees and tell the child that is bad. I explain that the reason Kris isn't there to pick him u pis because Kris is saddened that the kid has resorted to these actions. I hold the child by his shoulders and take him in for a deep hug. I ask him if he understands what i am saying to him, and if he will take my words in to consideration, and by that time the kida has shed a few tears, and says he is sorry. I don't remember what else happened, expect that I am walking home and yaddy yaddy... not anything else too important. but man that was a weird dream..

[User Picture]From: skellybelly
2004-05-01 05:23 pm (UTC)
Were we like in The Last Samurai??!! That's so awesome...well, except for the beheading part.

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