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im a new one [Mar. 21st, 2004|09:45 am]
I dream of....


[Current Mood |weirdweird]
[Current Music |ani difranco-you had time]

can some one..help?
so heres my dream.
i was in one of my classes. and somehow..dont ask why..we were all flying around. naked. and then i saw (these two guys i know)nick and corey in the room. just sitting on this desk. so i fly over. and they are dressed btw. and so i fly (lol) over to them. and nick catches me. and im naked.and so i put clothes on. but like it was odd because i didnt feel odd being naked around them. like i could really be myself. which i think is saying something. but anyway. so i put clothes on. and like nick helped me pull my arm through. or something. and he like held my hand. and like ..iono..it was weird. like he didnt let go after i got dressed. like. it was like he didnt want to let go. and iono why..but like. i didnt want to let go either. and then we got up and started walking around. and iono.

like..it felt like we both never wanted to let go. like ifelt something really strong. and i cannot stop thinking about it.

=o/ thanxs.

[User Picture]From: ordinaryshoes
2004-03-21 09:19 pm (UTC)
well it seems like you really like this nick guy. i don't get that from the dream itself, but from the fact that you can't stop thinking about it-- you didn't dismiss it as soon as you woke up, which shows that you give it more meaning than just a dream...
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[User Picture]From: my_konfusion
2004-03-22 01:07 pm (UTC)


yeah..i never thought of it that way..thanks
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